Chicken house

%100 Crispy Chicken Flavors

%100 Çıtır Tavuk Lezzetleri

Egeden Group, which has been serving in the Ala Carte and Cafe sector in the food sector for years, decides to realise the idea of creating a Fast Food chain restaurant that it has been planning for years. The Chicken house brand, whose R&D studies date back to 2012, was established in 2012 with 3 branches.
Chicken House, whose menus consist of chicken, also includes flavours that appeal to the Turkish palate. As a result of long studies, it offers magnificent flavours with 16 different spices that add rich flavours to chicken.

%100 Crispy Chicken Flavors

Enjoy our luscious dishes wherever you want


Chicken House fast food concept offers a unique flavour to the consumer with its special crispy batter prepared as a result of intensive R&D studies and sauces that add flavour to the chicken.
Thanks to the concept installation, machine equipment and corporate standardisation, it makes it practical to install in open air and shopping malls in every location.

Crispy Finger

Chicken Pieces

Products such as baguette, wings, finger, hot piece are prepared and served with Chicken House’s special mortar mixture at standard and ideal cooking times for each of them. It also adds flavour to its flavour with special sauces.

Enfes Burgerler


There are five different chicken burgers on the menu: Classic Chicken Burger, Chicken Cheese Burger, Princess Cheese Burger, Cajun Chicken Burger and Mexican Chicken Burger.